Ads of the Month: Social round-up

These ads not only stood out to us, but did well on social too – despite the mini lockdown dominating social media for the past fortnight.

Who is it for: Powershop, EightyOne, MBM and Assembly for Powershop

Why we like it: We can probably all relate to having a love/hate relationship with our power company, but Powershop’s light-hearted approach has forced us to confront the tough questions – “sick of being let down?” and “ready to move on?” We’re not the only ones, either – Kiwis are excited by the campaign and advocating for it too. Zavy analytics show that mentions of Powershop have a high sentiment score – around 61 percent in the past month. Plenty of comments have been appearing in the campaign posts too: “Powershop is really hard to beat!” “keen to swap” and “won’t regret the switch”.

Who is it for: Colenso BBDO for Spark New Zealand

Why we like it: We love that this ad taps into Kiwi pride in our landscape and salt-of-the-earth personality. It’s doing well on Facebook, too – Spark’s campaign post has earned 238 comments, 153 shares and over 1,300 likes this week. There’s high sentiment (29 percent) and high optimism (22 percent) in the comments. The positivity is driven by the way the ad showcases New Zealand. One comment particularly exemplifies this: “Kaiaua, the famous Pink Shop, the antique Guy C Goss, mussels from the local mussel farm… Well done Spark for highlighting this treasure!”

Who is it for: TBWANZ for Melanoma New Zealand 

Why we like it: Last week most of New Zealand’s attention around health was sucked up by the lockdown and coronavirus, yet TBWANZ still made a meaningful impact with their campaign for Melanoma New Zealand. It was covered by the New Zealand Herald, with the article pretty well received – with an optimism score of 38 percent, 44 likes, 10 comments and six shares.

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