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Separated at birth

Mark Weldon has been busily shaking MediaWorks’ tree since taking over the role of chief executive and some of that shaking—from the decision to can Campbell Live and 3D Investigates to the creation of Scout to the most recent decision to rebrand all of its news operations as Newshub—has earned the ire of viewers, commentators and, in some cases, his own staff. Despite the fact he’s doing what a whole bunch of other major media companies are doing and integrating like his life depends on it, he seems to have received an inordinate amount of negative press for his efforts so far and some competitors appear to be joyously dancing on the grave with their coverage. We aim to provide a mix of light and shade here at StopPress, so we’ve covered plenty of positive MediaWorks stories during his tenure, but we can’t resist a good lookalike and, while we don’t mean to link their ‘management styles’, we couldn’t help but notice the facial similarities between the charismatic wine-making media chief and the charismatic assassination-loving Russian dictator.