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The fusion of Red Bull Kluge: when marketing and pop culture collide

Red Bull is undoubtedly one of the world’s greatest content marketers and has been successfully fusing marketing with pop culture for decades through its association with ‘extreme sports’. That was cranked up even further recently with its investment in Red Bull Stratos, and it got plenty of payback in the form of roughly eight million people watching the event live on YouTube and tens of millions of dollars worth of media coverage and social buzz following Felix Baumgartner’s successful jump. And while this marketing stunt/scientific mission is obviously going to be hard to top, the brand’s latest Rube Goldberg-esque stunt, Kluge, which follows up another classy effort from last month, features a host of its sponsored athletes doing their thing and took 17 days to build, is still pretty bloody amazing and once again proves the value of creating ideas worth talking about.