Year in Review: Chris Bleackley, EightyOne

Every year, StopPress asks players in the local industry for their reflections on the year that was. Here’s what Chris Bleackley, ECD at EightyOne, had to say.

1.   Favourite local campaign

KidsCan celebrity chef ads. A ray of hope during lockdown.

2.   Favourite international campaign

Feeling nostalgic and thirsty obviously. Budweiser. Whassup. Quarantine version.

3. Least favourite campaign

Internationally: The socially distanced Golden Arches. McFail. Locally: Safety Warehouse. What were you thinking?

4.   Pick three words to describe 2020

Hope springs eternal.

5.   Most memorable moment from lockdown?

Unsurprisingly, all of the extra moments spent with the family. 

6.   First thing you did in Level 1?

Flew to Auckland on a job and tried to eat my cookie with a mask on.

7.   First place you’ll travel to when borders open?

Not itching to get back on a plane but the beach in Rarotonga has a certain appeal right now.

8.   Heroes of 2020

Jurgen Klopp. The wait is over. YNWA. 

9.   Villains of 2020

Easy. Trump. Good riddance looney.

10. What have you learnt about the world this year?

People are kinder than you think and it’s not easy to cut your own hair.

11. What personality trait got you in the most trouble this year? 

Optimism. I hope it continues to get me in trouble next year too.

12. What achievement are you most proud of this year?

Helping to raise over $4 million for Women’s Refuge (up from 1.4m). Changing lives $20 at a time.

13. Silver lining of 2020? 

The wrappers on those Whittaker’s Almond Gold mini slabs.

14. Best brands of 2020

New Zealand.

15. Lamest trend of 2020

Big brands pretending to care.

16. Best innovation

The Covid 19 vaccine, if it works.

17. What died in 2020?

Over 40 international airlines, one in five hospitality businesses and the batteries in the remote.

18. Guilty Netflix obsession?

I secretly scroll through the menu and then don’t watch anything.

19. Twitter or Instagram?

Twitter. Our Trumbers account managed to get suspended three times and we upset a few Republicans.

20. What should be uninvented? 

Trim milk.

21. What’s the biggest mistake marketers will make in 2021?

Thinking that caring was last year’s thing.

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