Year in Review 2022: Nick Vile of oOh!media NZ

Each year, StopPress asks a group of talented professionals in the local industry for their reflections on the year that was. Brought to you by NZME, this year we speak to individuals who made their mark on 2022 and brought us truely impactful work.

There is no doubt about it. It’s been an eventful year for the Out of Home industry. Nick Vile, General Manager at oOh!media NZ, reflects on the work done in 2022, the lessons it brought with it and the changes set make a mark on the OOH sector in 2023.

2022 summed up in three words…

Another challenging year! Or What the AF?!

A personal achievement I’m most proud of in 2022…

We’ve been really focused at work around Tikanga Māori and what it means for our sector. It’s been a real discovery project as we’ve challenged ourselves to go deep and develop an understanding of what it means philosophically, spiritually, commercially and from a community perspective. There’s been lots of fantastic learning and proud of myself and the team for challenging ourselves to really embrace what is a super important program of work.

OOH campaigns that have caught my eye in 2022 are…

Specsavers’ ‘Should’ve gone to Specsavers’ campaign – great example of a good idea that was executed well and was able to be used across a variety of mediums, from static to digital. A versatile and overall effective campaign. 

How did this year’s events change the way you approach your work?

Well coming into this year we were optimistic about what the year held in store for us, and for a large part of the year it was certainly delivering on those expectations. Like most businesses we had identified inflation and interest rates as a key risk, but we didn’t predict the Ukraine situation… (but who did?). No doubt all three are impacting the macro environment. So we haven’t really adjusted too much, just a more watchful eye on what we are spending, more caution around planning for next year, being really focused on our formats and how they are positioned to support brands in recessionary times, and really understanding how the lessons we’ve learnt over the last three years can be applied as part of our day to day operation.

How will Calibre and the arrival of an industry standard change the OOH landscape in 2023?

Finally, after a long period of negotiation between multiple parties, in 2023 we will have the majority if not all the sector on one audience platform. It’ll take some time to realise the value and establishing Calibre as the currency for the sector, but we’ve made the first biggest step in the right direction. 

Predictions for OOH trends in 2023…

  • Consolidation
  • But in short term more competition
  • Growth in Programmatic will continue 
  • Increase in dynamic campaigns as advertisers realise the value of dynamic DOOH
  • Continued focus on the attention economy 

What were the biggest lessons brands learned in 2022?

While it remains important to put consumers first, brands need to actively start putting our planet first through legitimate action and be sharing our authentic sustainability stories. Not only is there raised awareness of sustainability-related concerns among consumers, but as cheesy as it sounds, the future of our planet depends on it. 

Best innovation/invention/launch of 2022…

Not necessarily new to the industry or OOH in general, but we’re very excited about the launch of pDOOH (or oOh! Programmatic), this year. The fact that you can now buy oOh! panels programmatically has been huge for us and we’re so excited to see what the future of pDOOH holds for us and advertising as a whole. 

Biggest mistake brands will make with OOH marketing in 2023…

Not prioritising the thinking around how to maximise the opportunity that OOH presents, the right mix of OOH + other media, the creative execution, the use of audience targeting and dynamic capabilities…everything that can add significant value. In summary…don’t be haphazard with your out of home spend in 23. 

A person who inspired me the most this year was…

Not a person but a team…the Black Ferns, were incredible in the way that the brought the nation together. I’ve been a rugby nut my whole life and I have to say, hand on heart…I’ve never seen a better game of rugby at Eden Park in the last decade, as the Black Ferns’ final against England. For me it was a reminder of the reasons we used to love rugby. The woman’s game has all the characteristics of the game we grew up with…especially the community aspect. They play for the communities they represent as much as they play for each other.  I read something interesting in the aftermath of that win which was along the lines of men play well to feel good, whereas woman feel good to play well. It’s a subtle but powerful perspective on the different approaches. 

If I did have to pick one inspirational person from the year…it’d be the Ukrainian President, Volodymyr Zelenskyy. He depicts himself as an everyman man with humble tastes and a deep sense of humanity, the resilience and fortitude of the Ukrainian people comes from his leadership. The fact that he comes from a comedy and TV production background, playing he president in a TV series…its gold!

In 2023 I want to perfect the art of…

Being wrong! 

Quick fire 10

Most memorable local campaign: I think I’d have to agree with the industry and go with the winner of the 2022 oOh! Innovation Awards, New Zealand Defence Force’s Codewords campaign which used push-button activated sound panels and QR codes to drive intrigue and recruitment.

Favourite international campaign: The recent ‘live’ Gorillaz performances in Times Square and Piccadilly Lights by Nexus Studios and Google – such a fun and innovative way to experience live music!   

Campaign I wish I worked on: Same as above.

Best news of 2022: Easily the reopening of borders and being able to travel again!  

Biggest flop of 2022: The economy.. 

Top artist on Spotify Wrapped: Family Spotify so not necessarily my top pick, but top song…Living Life, In the Night (Cherimoya). Just listened to it for first time, great track!

Best part of being back in the office: Collaboration, connection, LOLS.

A 2022 trend I’m looking forward to leaving behind: Talking about recession.

Furthest place travelled in 2022: Fiji, twice…paradise.

Best book I read in 2022: Gods Without Men by Hari Kunzru…concentration required, but it’s worth it!

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