Video vital in the post-lockdown landscape

Virtual conferencing is here

VideoTaxi knows business doesn’t stop, no matter how challenging the journey. When Harcourts wanted to hold its national awards during the Level 3 lockdown, VideoTaxi didn’t skip a beat. Last week it broadcast the real estate company’s flagship event from its Auckland studios, via Zoom.

“It was a great success,” says Bryan Thomson, Managing Director of Harcourts. “We were able to bring more than 1000 of our people together and celebrate their individual achievements.”

The production, with many moving parts, was seamless. “We had animated graphics, PowerPoint slides, live entertainment and the master of ceremonies all being mixed from one outgoing source, via Zoom, while allowing interactivity with the audience,” says Bruce Knoetze, VideoTaxi’s head ‘cabbie’.

Jump Start package launched

The award-winning company is currently offering a Jump Start package, which gives three days of production for the price of two. 

The deal is limited to orders received by the end of May. During the COVID-19 crisis, VideoTaxi has been proving its worth to major companies, including Countdown, Westfield, PlaceMakers, Heb Construction and Crombie Lockwood.

“We help people with their businesses and communications and we do it in a creative, spectacular way,” says VideoTaxi co-owner, Ondrej Havas.

Video is surging 

Video will remain crucial to marketing and communication campaigns as the country and economy rebuild. It is the most effective way to communicate to clients, buyers and staff, and Google predicts that by next year 80 per cent of internet traffic will be video content.

VideoTaxi, New Zealand’s most responsive and cost-effective production company, is the only subscription service of its type in the country. It produces videos for staff training; sophisticated campaigns for television; marketing campaigns  for social media platforms, TV and YouTube; commercials; CEO messages; how-to instructions; health and safety briefings; and more. Video shots taken on clients’ phones can also be transformed into engaging and timely messages.

What’s best? An in-house producer or contractor?

In challenging economic times, the question has to be asked: do you need a producer on staff when there is a high-quality, cost-effective alternative?

“VideoTaxi is the best of both worlds,” Havas says. “All the advantages of a bespoke facility with the convenience and price of an in-house production. Clients have a dedicated film-maker who is like an extension of their team, but without the headaches that can come with hiring staff in these times.”

International markets buy into the VideoTaxi model

The Kiwi company’s success has not been limited to New Zealand.

Franchises in Brazil, the US, Britain and Belgium are eliminating the need for in-house production teams in large corporates. 

To view VideoTaxi’s Jump Start package and to find out more about the company’s services, go to www.videotaxi.cab

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