High-calibre, refreshing candor

Media agency rebrands with a renewed focus on building lasting brands.

New-look advertising agency Calibre + Candor has rebranded to better reflect its approach. Unique in the advertising world, it’s one focused on loyalty and honesty.   

Calibre + Candor General Manager Sheila Worsley says the company started in a garage 12 years ago by a team of people who left large agencies believing there was a better and more honest way to approach the media industry. “Many things have changed since then, but the foundation of integrity and loyalty remains key. This extends to Calibre + Candor’s rebrand and renewed focus on building longevity for our clients and their brands. In an industry of smoke and mirrors, we do what’s right and what’s appropriate for the challenge at hand. It’s about delivering results for our clients based on quality analytics, an in-depth understanding of our clients, and providing expert advice and creative thinking.”

Rebrand, refresh, next level

Calibre + Candor rebranded in February, evolving out of Media Co, which developed an approach to media buying based on a combination of analytics, creative thinking and in-depth understanding of brand. Key clients Smith&Smith, Panasonic, Fisher & Paykel Healthcare and NZ Stock Exchange are all on board.

The transition to Calibre + Candor was initiated and led by long-time Media Co employees Sarah Beck (Communications & Creative Director) and Nick Dykes (Head of Client Services). The pair had a vision of taking the company to the next level with a new plan of attack that included recruiting new talent (including Vanessa Williams as Head of Media Operations and Matt Williams as Group Sales Director) and promoting the agency’s full suite of services. Along with Sheila, Sarah, Nick, Vanessa and Matt make up the leadership team that has implemented changes driving growth and business opportunities.

Clients are key

Calibre + Candor recently launched Panasonic’s ‘Everyday More Brilliant’ brand campaign to shift consumers’ focus from the brand’s functionality to its innovation, technology and design. Panasonic New Zealand General Manager Marketing and Business Projects Lynda-Anne Bodger says the ever-changing nature of people in the advertising and marketing industry means it’s rare to be able to form a long-term partnership with an agency.

“The stability of the Calibre + Candor team and their consistent and honest approach to their work has meant we’ve formed a lasting relationship over 10 years. That’s testament to the level of service and expertise they bring to our brand. They’re an extension of Panasonic’s marketing team.”

Lynda-Anne believes that the key to building a brand in the current environment is being flexible and authentic. “Calibre + Candor can build a long-term multi-brand campaign, but they’re also quick off the mark with solutions to last minute problems,” she says. “They have excellent relationships with media, which allows them to create unique opportunities.”

Building to last

Nick says that at a time when fast-paced consumerism rules, Calibre + Candor is focused on building longevity for their clients’ brands. “Many companies are after a quick fix — a one-off injection to highlight the brand, rather than growing it over time. It’s still about making an impact and getting people talking, but ensuring brands can sustain momentum and grow brand recognition is key. Building a brand over time and consistently is more effective for growing awareness and generating sales, and with Calibre + Candor’s new direction, that’s what we’re positioned to help our clients do best.”

Savvy, creative & viable solutions  

Sarah says brands need to be savvier in the current unstable climate, so Calibre + Candor’s taking a different approach to solving its clients’ business and brand challenges. “We make things possible for clients where they might otherwise rule out advertising through certain media channels. For example, if TV’s a key channel for a client but they historically opt for a radio-only approach, they’re not reaching the optimum audience. We’re here to make it possible, so they can make the right advertising choices.”

They’re also placing an increased focus on developing creative concepts that are of a consistently high calibre but in a more efficient way that’s more viable and achievable. “It’s not just about being creative for the sake of creating something beautiful,” says Sarah. “It also has to be logical, built on insights and, most importantly, doable. Great ideas are nothing without execution.”

With more than 20 years of experience in the out-of-home sector, Matt joins Calibre + Candor after being Group Business Director at QMS/MediaWorks. “For me, it was a no-brainer,” he says of his move. “Media Co having over 12 years in market, a strong stable of clients and a great reputation gave us an amazing foundation to grow Calibre + Candor. The attraction was also working with some of the country’s leading and most passionate media minds, combined with the agency’s total transparency through its direct buying model and a focus on performance.” 

For more information, visit calibrecandor.co.nz.

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