Year in Review: Paul White

Paul White regularly opines on ad campaigns as a judge for our Campaign Review section in NZ Marketing, just as he does on his students’ work in his role as course leader at AUT Adschool. Here he goes again. 

1) Favourite campaign 

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qIc4V5p6ePUInstant Kiwi ‘Jiggle’ is
brilliant. The best thing on TV. And of ours, Westpac Rescue
Chopper’s interactive Adshels by Skyler Bongers and
Anna Kerr. 

3) Least favourite campaign

It’s not funny, it’s overacted and I hate the soundtrack.

4) Best

Boundary Road Brewery and Pak ‘n’ Save

5) Best stoush

Obama vs. Romney and All Blacks vs. England. 

6) Heroes



Igloo for taking so bloody long to get it right. John Key for being
such a dick in public.

8) Most memorable marketing moment

We came first yet again in the Student Marketer of the Year (RSVP & NZ Post and Awards) for the forth year in a row (and this is the fifth time AUT has won the award (out of a total six years that the award has been made); we are shortlisted to the final two again for 2013. We got finalist and highly commended in Newspaper Works Student challenge and we were shortlisted in the final three for the AXIS/TVNZ student award (to be announced in 2013). Just as good as awards, we blew Blunt umbrellas away with some work they are keen to use; ditto with the charity CBM. Be Fresh liked our work so much they put it on their website (http://www.everfresh.co.nz/autproject/autproject.html) and to cap it all, bcg2 very generously paid the whole year’s fees for Jordan Dale, and then took him and his partner Ryan Worsfeld on at the end of the course.

A few predictions for 2013

AUT Adschool will be in its brilliant new
building; last year’s student will be doing amazing things; and this year’s
students will do amazing things. 

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