Year in Review: Officers Minogue and O’Leary

1. Favourite local ad campaign that isn’t yours

OM: There was a sign advertising firewood for sale in the window of the dairy by my place which springs to mind. It had all the relevant information, a photo of the wood in question and a phone number. It was like a Wanted ad but for firewood. Except the wood was for sale and wasn’t being hunted because it had been hot-wiring cars. The ad was very clear and to the point. I got two loads dropped off and we’ve been on gas since 2008.

OL: Growing up in Wellington I always enjoyed the Park and Clarke bathroom ad campaign. It was interesting that despite doing the ad for his own company, Mr Park had such an unusual and engaging way of pronouncing both Park and Clarke. I always wished we’d had one of their bathrooms. 

2. Favourite ad campaign that is yours 

OM: I like the billboard ads for Wellington Paranormal a lot except for one of them where there was a picture of a girl who had been possessed by a demon. That one was a bit scary. In the end it was deemed to be inappropriate by the NZ Advertising Standards Complaints Authority following a complaint by a member of the public. When I’m out of uniform I’m a member of the public which may or may not be a coincidence.  

OL: For me policing and having material that promotes safer communities together should not be considered advertising. I know for Minogue that the garlic was very pungent in the Wellington Paranomal brochure but I do feel it helped get the message across about how seriously we take our Paranormal work.

3. Favourite international ad

OM: I’m a big fan of that Levis ad where the guy comes into the laundromat and takes off his clothes and washes them right there. Technically indecent exposure and technically a 30 year old ad campaign but I give it a spin on YouTube at least once a week. It still makes me blush.

OL: Minogue…..no.

4. Least favourite ad campaign

OM: I like all ads. It’s the programmes I usually struggle with.

OL: I find ads that discriminate on the basis of anything unusual or ‘not normal’ troublesome. Often this happens by accident, so advertisers could theoretically be let off with a warning…but I think ad people need to take responsibility for their level of influence. Treat all groups of society with respect. 

5. Your own biggest success

OL:  Being Minogue’s partner

6. Most significant launch/innovation/thing of the year

OM: For me it would be the launch of Wellington Paranormal. Before that my mum used to pretend she didn’t know who I was but she can’t anymore.

OL: Mine was realising the positive impact myself and Minogue have had on keeping people safe/entertained.

7. What should be un-invented?

OM: The taser. Or they should invent a second one so that O’Leary and I can have one each. With just the one it causes a bit of squabbling.

OL: Donald Trump.

8. Best brands

OM: Levi’s Shrink to Fit 501s now available in stonewashed. That ad is really working even 3 decades on.

OL: Park and Clarke 

9. Best stoush

OM: I used to have a great moustoush but Sergeant Maaka made me shave it. Magnum PI probably still has the best stoush I’ve ever seen. Or Freddie Mercury.

10. Heroes

OM: Officer O’Leary

OL: Officer Minogue (and Jacinda Ardern and Helen Clark)

11. Villains

OM: Everyone that I arrested. Well, technically 17 percent of the people I arrested. 

OL: Villains are often just people who are misunderstood and need some positive support. I don’t really love that clown from IT though. And Donald Trump. 

12. What died in 2018?

OM: All of the herbs that I bought from the supermarket in those little pottles. I can never work out how much to water them so usually settle on nothing.

OL: Minogue’s little planter things.  

13. What’s the biggest mistake marketers will make in 2019?

OM: Not using O’Leary and I in advertising campaigns.

OL: Agreed 

14. How far in our future do you think The Handmaid’s Tale is?

OM: Well the important thing is not to rush her. She’ll tell us when she’s ready.

OL: We have the ability to change the future and keep communities safer by not being dicks. Let’s do that.

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