The Year in Review: Matt Pickering

When it comes to mergers, it doesn’t get much bigger than ANZ shutting the stable door on the National Bank. Everyone knew it was coming eventually, but having to say goodbye to the much-loved stallion still came as a shock to many. And from the relatively smooth IT switchover (thought to be the biggest IT project this century in New Zealand) to the roll-out of the different phases of communications, most would agree they did a pretty bloody good job of it. Matthew
Pickering, head
of retail marketing, pipes up. 

1) Favourite campaign that
isn’t yours

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fXzvkARIB6oThe recent Fly Buys ‘A little
bit of good’
campaign was nice work, particularly the buses and experiential
executions. Good insight that links back nicely to the brand proposition. 

2) Favourite campaign that
is yours

I’m going to go with the
current campaign for our Freedom account “Don’t get stung”. It’s bold work
for the category and clearly demonstrates the key benefit of this account: avoid paying fees.

3) Least favourite campaign

Anything that fits the
advertising genre of ironic Kiwi pastiche. It stopped being funny a while ago.
Maybe with the exception of 2degrees, which defined the genre in the first

4) Best brand

I’ll pay tribute to The
National Bank for this one. It’s a brand that’s had a rich advertising heritage
and a legacy that we’re taking forward into the new ANZ. Hopefully we gave the
brand a respectful send-off.

5) Best stoush

We’re probably responsible
for kicking off the marketing stoush of the year. Luckily we came prepared. And
so far we’re winning it, of course.

6) Heroes

Valerie Adams. The medal
ceremony ANZ helped put on was pretty special. It was way more emotional
than I expected.

7) Villains

Given Valerie is my hero,
the villain of the story would have to be Ostapchuk.

8) Most memorable marketing

Successfully orchestrating
the biggest brand change in banking for over a decade was the defining event
for all of our team this year. The night we made the announcement was intense. We had over a million DM packs embargoed and a queue of mail trucks waiting for
the word to come through.

9) A few predictions for

move on from overstating the importance of social media as the ultimate
marketing tool.

fatigue becomes a recognised condition.

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