The Year in Review: David Bell

David Bell, ex-creative director at Media Design School’s creative advertising course and the recipient of the 2011 lifetime achievement award at Axis, is still helping to mould, shape and nurture young ad brains. But he has been spending most of his time spreading the word about his book The Dog Hunters and, after a successful fundraising drive on Kickstarter, he’ll be spending more of it creating an illustrated version. 

1) Favourite campaign

NZI ‘Devil’s Chair’. 

2) Least favourite campaign

That AWF ‘You Saved our Ass’ ad.

3) Your own biggest success

Jeneal [Rohrback] and my online/social media and Armageddon onslaught for the Kickstarter crowd funding project on the illustrated version of my book The Dog Hunter (this counts as one of the ads!). 

4) Most impressive performance

See question three. 

5) Biggest move

Toby Talbot to Whybin\TBWA.

6) Best innovation

Independent Breweries (all Barnes Catmur stuff).

7) Best brands

Independent Breweries (all Barnes Catmur stuff).

8) Best stoush

Darren Wong Kam nearly not getting into the Adschool end of year show because he’d been wearing a hat for five days and didn’t want to take it off because his hair was a mess.

9) Heroes

Andy Blood for being irrepressible.

10) Villains

Can’t think of anyone.

11) Most memorable marketing moment 

Media Design School’s ‘Fire the Interns‘ end of year ad show.

12) A few predictions for 2014

TV won’t die. Nor will radio, outdoor, press and mags. And Y&R will do well

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