The Year in Review: Annie Dow and Jenny McMillan

Dow Design is on a mission to prove the commercial value of good design. And with a win in the TVNZ-NZ Marketing Awards for Fonterra’s ‘Anchor Strong‘ in the Pacific, a finalist in the new Best Effect Award for Hellers and a number of redesigns for big FMCG brands this year, it seems to be doing a good job of it. Founder Annie Dow and business development director Jenny McMillan speak their piece. 

1) Favourite
campaign that isn’t yours



http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AiemD4Jtb-0‘Every day a New World’. 

2) Favourite
campaign that is yours

New Speight’s rebrand and repositioning of its craft

3)  Least
favourite campaign

Insurance ‘Break my Stride’.

4) Best brand

We’re impressed with how Volkswagen
are recreating themselves as a part of the Kiwi brandscape
. However, the brand
we find ourselves referencing again and again as a model for doing things right
is Apple. 

5) Best stoush

The Dotcom
saga. It’s hilarious that a German internet mogul is becoming a Kiwi folk hero,
while all the politicians dance around trying to appear nonchalant. His
comments at the opening of the Franklin Road Christmas lights were
laugh-out-loud funny—something about it being unusual to be playing Santa
while in the middle of major criminal proceedings.

6) Heroes


7) Villains

The Shell
rebrand to ‘Z’—hardly a New Zealand experience. 

8) Most
memorable marketing moment

Dow Design
winning the TVNZ-NZ Marketing export marketing award for Fonterra and punching above its weight with the
big ad agency boys.

9) A few predictions for 2013

South Korea is going to be a ‘hip’
national brand. Apple and Google will kiss and make up. People will be sick of

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