The Year in Review: Paul Gardiner

While the mass-market weeklies continued to struggle last year, ACP popped a few corks when Woman’s Day finally edged out Woman’s Weekly in both circulation and readership after a very long wait. Elsewhere in 2011, special interest magazines largely seemed to hold firm despite the gloomy economy—and the predictions of death from the digitally-focused doomsayers. Sales manager Paul Gardiner goes to town on 2011. 

1) Favourite campaign that isn’t yours: I like the Powerade Challenge campaign. I can’t believe someone can do 9kms in 29 mins. Maybe I need to drink more Powerade.

2) Favourite campaign that is yours: Youtube VideoWe worked with Naked and Special Group on an ecostore campaign with Little Treasures magazine. It’s a publishing first that created over 3,000 personalised covers on one edition.

3) Least favourite campaign: Any campaign that asks people to “like” something. Engaged fan base?

4) Best brand: Youtube VideoSteinlager Classic. Knowing how hard IMG were around RWC, they did a great job executing the campaign.

5) Best stoush: Adidas v NZ public. I wonder if someone over there has signed up for a crisis PR course yet.

6) Heroes: Anyone that’s done a great brand campaign. We need more of them to shift people’s hearts, not just their fingers on the keyboard.

7) Villains: Procurement managers

8) Most memorable marketing moment: I just keep going back to Steinlager. Not only did they execute a great campaign but they ended up the top selling item in dollar sales across all categories in all supermarkets. Well done.

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