The Year in Review: Paul Catmur

Whether it be the contextual Subaru print ad after the Great Auckland snow, the cheeky billboards for Independent Liquor, the clever Adshels showing the temperature in Fiji over winter, or some of its edgier ads for Hell, Barnes, Catmur & Friends has pumped out some pretty classy work this year. Here’s what Paul Catmur made of it all. 

1) Favourite campaign that isn’t yours: Youtube VideoGhost chips. At last an anti-drink drive campaign that doesn’t make everyone switch channel the moment it comes on. Please may it work, or we’re back to men crying upsidedown in ditches.

2) Favourite campaign that is yours: Boundary Road Brewery launch. Monteith’s had a 130 year start that’s been closed in three months.

3) Least favourite campaign: Youtube VideoThe Parmco Challenge featuring Mikey Havoc and Hayley Holt was quite extraordinary. Hayley, at least, redeemed herself during her Fight for Life with Paige Hareb.

4) Best brand: Aston Martin.

5) Best stoush: Telecom’s Sean Fitzpatrick RWC campaign. The media fell on this campaign with maniacal fury. This led to Telecom turning on those responsible like a sow rolling on her piglets. I must confess to some initial schadenfreude after which I genuinely felt sorry for those involved. There but for the grace of God…

6) Heroes: BC&F staff. Thanks for putting up with me. Hope you enjoyed Fiji.

7) Villains: Whoever made the decision that TVNZ should launch TiVo. A staggeringly idiotic decision that cost us $14.8 million.

8) Most memorable marketing moment: New Zealand showing itself off to the rest of the world during the RWC. I don’t know how our visitors felt but I loved every minute. Can we have another one next year?


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