The year in review: Nick Vile

It’s been fairly tough going for the out-of-homers over the past few years. But, with the numbers now going in the right direction, the Rugby World Cup expected to up demand substantially and OMANZ starting to regain its teeth, there seems to be a bit of optimism—and even industry cohesion—afoot. Adshel’s new sales director Nick Vile, who took over from Pauline Hanton late last year, speaks his piece.

1) Favourite campaign(s)

McCafe’s ‘steaming’ Adshel, a first for New Zealand. The custom built execution featured a steaming coffee cup, fit with a built in steam machine that released steam in bursts throughout the day. The L&P Nothing Much campaign really appealed to my sense of humour, and once again, it was a good example of Adshel being able to complement a broadcast medium.

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2) Least favourite campaign(s)

Of course, any campaign that doesn’t include Adshel is our least favourite, but I would have to say that there has been some great creative over the last period across all media as client budgets return to a sense of normality.

3) Best brand

From a general market point of view, it is hard to go past Air New Zealand and the fantastic work they have been churning out. The onboard safety demo is gold and I have never seen so many people engaged in a presentation that was previously largely ignored. But for us, it would have to be the Progressive brands. Progressive enlisted Adshel as the main media channel to promote its Midweek and Weekend Windbacks in 2009. Since then it has booked back to back campaigns and the research showed it achieved some of the best results we have seen, with 57 percent of our sample recalling seeing the campaign up on Adshel, and 72 percent saying it had encouraged them to visit one of the three Progressive supermarkets.

4) Best stoush

Watching the Telecom XT drama unfold was definitely intriguing, and I thought that their response with the Paul Reynolds TVC was brilliant. Defusing the drama with a bit of humour always works. At one point in the TVC when he is attempting to make a call I actually thought, oh no, they’ve stuffed this up as well.

5) Heroes

Adshel’s clients and business partners who participated in our Adshel Christmas promotion. Over 950 people donated an Adshel panel to one of twenty-five charities across Australia and New Zealand. The panels donated went up on the streets last year and, based on the exceptional response we decided to bring the promotion back for 2010.

6) Villains

Litterers. The ‘Albie’ campaign for the Kiwi charity Sustainable Coastlines featured a disturbing photo of the decomposing remains of a bird, with its stomach filled with pieces of plastic. It was designed to challenge the way people think about and deal with their rubbish in New Zealand. Such a great campaign and so much impact.

7) Most memorable marketing moment

Once again from an Adshel point of view, taking a market lead in May this year with the launch of our Mobile offering, a first by a New Zealand out-of-home operator. We were able to deliver some fantastic results and levels of engagement for our inaugural client Fly Buys. We predict this side of the business is a big growth opportunity for 2011.

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