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When working in marketing it’s natural to become a convert to whatever it is you’re currently peddling. At various points during my career my undie drawer has been filled with Jockeys, my liquor cabinet chocka with Tanqueray, my internet browser loyally set to Google Chrome. Hell, I even got my mortgage from ANZ.

But never have I drunk my own Kool-Aid like I have when promoting Wellington. After a few years flirting with the likes of Dunedin, Auckland and London, I’ve been going steady with the creative capital for eight years. We got hitched last year when I started working for WREDA, the local economic development agency. And I doubt we’ll ever break up.

I love Wellington’s energy, weirdness, heart, culture and creativity. But most of all I love its people. This place doesn’t attract people who want the biggest, or the shiniest. Our wind is a filter that keeps out fair-weather followers and leaves a tribe of brave souls. Wellingtonians are passionate, they’re friendly as hell and they’ve always got something interesting to say.

So, it was with finger-tapping pleasure that I recently got the chance to showcase the Wellington I’ve become intimate with, and a cast of some of its creative residents, in a new campaign showcasing the capital as no ordinary place to live and work: ‘Why Wellington? It’s personal‘.

This is a destination campaign unlike any other. It looks past the craft beer and coffee to offer a real, authentic look at life here; what it’s like to arrive, to work, to grow up here, to belong. There’s wind and moody skies but also plenty of unbridled beauty. And connection. To people, to a place.

We know Wellington can’t compete on size, but it can on reputation. And to help build that reputation we want to attract young, creative talent in nudgeable life situations who can find their place here – grow their careers and make their mark on the world from Wellington. And in doing so, of course, help build a stronger and more sustainable economy.

The campaign leads with a 60-second hero video, backed up with a series of supporting interviews with Wellingtonians talking about why they choose to live and work here. More in-depth stories about some of the capital’s entrepreneurial types and our screen, tech and social enterprise sectors are being shared via partnerships with Idealog and The Spinoff.

Directed by Loren Taylor, the campaign was created by some of that young creative talent we’re after; local clever content agency Wrestler, with support from Special Ad Service and MBM. A collaborative effort – so very Wellington.

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