As the Axis bell tolls, per capita Kiwi Cannes victory celebrated

Hey, creative types, it’s the last week to enter the Axis awards. And, to ramp up the excitement (and patriotism), the Axis gang, with new convenor of judges Tony Bradbourne at the helm, has released the results of an extremely scientifically robust study that shows New Zealand is the most creative country in the world.

As the poster says: “Yes, ladies and gentlemen, New Zealand had the most Cannes Lions per capita of any country in the world last year. That’s one Cannes Lion per 155,989 people [Sweden was second with one Lion per 202,173 residents]. The ‘we invented advertising’ UK? A sorry 4th with one Lion per 849,886 people. The creative powerhouse of the USA? 8th buddy, 8th! with just one Lion per 2,287,003 people. Yesiree.”

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