YoungShand, Blis Technologies launch Unconditional Skin campaign

When YoungShand launched the new skincare brand developed by global probiotic pioneers Blis Technologies, they saw an opportunity to kick-start a conversation about more than just women’s choice of skincare products.

Starting with the brand name, Unconditional Skincare Co. was developed by the YoungShand team from the understanding that skin isn’t ‘good’ or ‘bad’, but simply out of balance. 

The brand’s name, tone of voice, design identity and packaging has been developed to encourage women to look at their skin as the solution, not the problem. This foundational work informed how the team chose to take the new brand to market, creating the world-first Skin Peace Pledge.

GM at YoungShand, Emma Dalton says: “We didn’t want to just have an impact at a product level if we could have a more significant effect on how women think about their skin. So, we’re challenging the category and encouraging women to tell us about the unrealistic beauty language that disturbs them most.”

The Skin Peace Pledge is a commitment to a new way of talking about skin and beauty without negatively impacting women’s self-esteem. The pledge will inform a set of standards that Unconditional Skincare Co. will commit to as a brand – with the hope that it will promote a discussion at an influencer and industry level, helping to create broader change.

ECD at YoungShand, Anne Boothroyd says: “We’ve seen quite clearly that women are fed up with being told their skin is a problem. This was a great opportunity to kickstart an important conversation.”

Phase one of the campaign is designed to collect the messages from women that impact them the most. The team will then work with a psychologist to create the standards underpinning the Skin Peace Pledge.

The campaign kicked off by demonstrating first-hand the messages women are exposed to everyday. A bespoke tool developed by YoungShand’s tech team scraped all the beauty messages posted to YouTube over five consecutive 12-hour periods. Using this data, five films were created that showcased some of the unrealistic beauty messages directed at women daily.

YoungShand’s integrated team delivered the full project, including the brand name, brand identity, packaging design, e-commerce website, media, brand platform and launch campaign. 

See the full campaign here.


Agency – YoungShand

Client – Blis Technologies Ltd

Production Company – Clockwork FIlms

Post Production – Toybox

Music Composition – Liquid Studios

Sound – Franklin Road

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