You cheap bastards

We’ve all had that moment, as we tell our friends about a great song we’ve heard, plug in our phones/laptops into some sort of speaker system, push play on our Spotify as we stare at them with a look of anticipation and glee on our faces (like above photo) while we wait for the song to start, but it doesn’t.

Very quickly our gleeful faces droop into frowns, our bright eyes become dull and our ears become assaulted – by three long Spotify ads in a row, enough to quash anyone’s soul.

Luckily as the ads finish and you make it to the song, anything is going to sound like ‘music to the ears’ after that.

And this is what Jono and Ben have ripped on for one of their more recent skits where Ben essentially ruins his friend’s life because he won’t cough up the monthly “$12.99” to upgrade to premium.

The clip looks like a classic piece of content marketing, but apparently the duo weren’t paid or endorsed.

We wonder if the Kiwi Spotify lady in the ads has friends any longer? Perhaps she repeats her script to them for a joke. Perhaps they pay a monthly subscription to keep her quiet. What must her life be like? We’ll probably never know.

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