Yellow: New CEO, new digs and new campaign

Yellow New Zealand has announced a newly appointed CEO as well as new Auckland CBD offices and their first high-profile marketing campaign in over 10 years featuring local screen legend Robyn Malcolm. 

The campaign promotes a pop-up online business selling underwear.

‘Robyn’s Undies’ was created to showcase Yellow’s suite of low-cost digital marketing products and services.

New Yellow CEO Tracey Taylor says: “We know digital marketing is daunting for small businesses, we hear that a lot. Small businesses need this stuff to be easier and more affordable, so we’ve reshaped our business in line with that. This campaign is all about showcasing those changes.”

Tracey Taylor
Yellow at CityWorks Depot

The colourful underwear range is a collaboration between Yellow, Malcolm and Kiwi artist Karl Maughan. Sustainable, ethical and made in New Zealand, all profits go to The Aunties charity. 

Yellow chose creative start-up HeyYou for the campaign.

“We wanted a creative partner who, just like our customers, are focused on getting their business dream off the ground. What we got from the team was so much more than a big idea, together we worked out how to change our offering as well as get that to market.”

HeyYou Partner and Head of Strategy Jacquie Bennett says the campaign strategy was influenced by Yellow’s past success.

“Yellow was famous for its campaigns back in the day and we wanted to bring that back. People in the industry will remember Yellow campaigns like ‘treehouse’ and ‘chocolate’, which were big integrated award winners at the time. Not only were they a tangible way to engage with the brand, they demonstrate that, with Yellow, you can bring your Kiwi business dream to life. 

“This campaign is the same, it’s just anchored in using the new digital tools Kiwi businesses need to achieve that.” 

The campaign is supported by TVC, an integrated Discovery partnership and tactical OOH, as well as digital platforms.  


Client: Yellow New Zealand

Creative Agency: HeyYou

Creative Direction: Andy Bennett & Fleur Skinner

Strategy: Jacquie Bennett

Production Company: Untold Projects 

Director & Editor: Arvid Eriksson

Copywriting: Kate Phillips 

Photography: Camille Sanson 

Design: Leah Shao, Patrick Hicksley

Artwork: Tash Vranjes

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