Year in Review: Sarah Munnik, Pead PR

Every year, StopPress asks players in the local industry for their reflections on the marketing year that was. Here’s what Sarah Munnik, managing director of Pead PR, had to say.

  • What is your favourite local campaign that isn’t yours?

The Jockey Sumo Wrestling campaign.  A great example of hijacking a world sporting event when you are not even a sponsor!

  • What is your favourite campaign that is yours?

In terms of pure impact, reach and recognition – you can’t look past New Zealand Fashion Week.  It resulted in almost 750 pieces of coverage, including 40 television pieces and 10 front-pages, so what’s not to like?

  • What is your favourite international campaign?

I’d have to go with the Burger King campaign in Argentina, titled ‘A day without a Whopper’.

  • What is your least favourite campaign? 

It’s an international campaign from Hotels.com – they partnered with toilet-spray brand “Poo-Pouri” to help you get through your first “poo” with a partner in a hotel room.  This idea just felt a bit ‘shit’.

  • What is your own biggest success in 2019?

Knowing that we work in a really fast-paced industry where work life balance is a fallacy, I wanted to make sure our team had the resources to take some personal time-out.  I’m really proud of the wellness allowance we introduced for our team this year – it’s really made a difference.

Another huge success has been shepherding in a new ownership structure that retained our culture and sets us up to keep delivering provocative work that drives results for our clients. 

  • What do you think is the lamest trend?

Wearing a bum bag over your shoulder

  • What are your best brands?

As the largest independent agency in NZ we are fortunate to works with some fantastic brands.  I’m not going to single any of them out because it’s the work we do for clients which provokes action that counts

  • Best stoush for you this year? 

Will Connolly who egged an anti-Muslim Australian politician and then donated more than $70,000 to the victims in the Christchurch terror attacks. 

  • Who are the Heroes?

Kiwis and the way we all responded to the Christchurch Terror attacks on our Muslim brothers and sisters.  

  • Who are the Villains?

Israel Folau and all other homophobes, racists and misogynists

  • What died in 2019? 

The thinking that if we ignore the young people of the world for long enough, they will go away, or give up on their ideas – they won’t. Just look at what Greta Thunberg has achieved.

  • What’s the biggest mistake PR will make in 2020? 

As brands and companies we’re continually fighting against audience apathy. The biggest PR mistake people will continue to make is being average and afraid to actually have an opinion. On the social and digital front, it will be doubling down on impression numbers as a measure of success.

  • If there were no laws for 24 hours, what would you do?

I’d probably set myself up with a comfy chair and a big box of popcorn on the side of the road and watch everyone else go completely crazy.

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