Year in Review: Craig Parker, Wave Agency

Every year, StopPress asks players in the local industry for their reflections on the marketing year that was. Here’s what Craig Parker, creative director of Wave Agency, had to say.

What is your favourite local campaign that isn’t yours

It would have to be UBER’s ‘Shark Bait’ by Special Group for the way they took advantage of a simple everyday event. Very good.

What is your favourite campaign that is yours

Brews to Outvote Boomers. 1. Because it worked. 2. Because for me it captures what we’re all about. Using creativity to find a better way to tackle change.

What is your favourite international campaign 

PRADA’S ‘Seditious Simplicity’ by Ferdinando Verderi. This campaign had a different take on the concept of fashion advertising, not viewing it through the distanced lens of high-end media placement, but at your local corner store.

The campaign wrapped bouquets with tactile images at florists in key cities around the globe, appearing in random and unexpected everyday places.

The art direction is second to none, but what I love is how the brand injected themselves into everyday culture. Something high-end fashion brands have struggled to do.

Runner up is BREWDOG’s ‘ADVERT’ campaign by Uncommon. As minimal as it is, it’s so punk, like the brand should be. Nothing ‘cut through’ like that did.

What is your least favourite campaign 

The 90 percent of ads I saw but didn’t notice, clogging my feed.

What is your own biggest success in 2019?

Again I think it was Brews to Outvote Boomers. Getting that campaign over the line was no easy feat. But once it launched, we knew it was worth it in the first few hours.

For you, what is the most significant launch/innovation/thing of the year?

Radio. And I’m not just being contemptuous. In the isolated age of silent mobile content, the dusty old box offers up every chance to innovate through the wonders of sound. If you want talk-ability, everyone’s listening.

What should be un-invented? It’s all good stuff. But just because we can doesn’t mean we should. Perhaps we should stalk people less and connect with them more.

What do you think is the lamest trend? Trends themselves.

Following them is the quickest way to become wallpaper.

What are your best brands? Those who are living their promises and delivering on their purpose. Claiming something is easy, actions to back it up is the difference. I think the future belongs to those who ‘live their brand’. One who comes to mind for 2019 is Patagonia.

Best stoush for you this year? 

Egg Boy vs Fraser Anning.

Who are the Heroes?

This year goes out to the young. Not that the old are doing a bad job, but Greta set the stage and ‘gen-next’ got behind it. They’re brave, wise and seemingly more creative. So, shout out the incredible young people I got to work with this year. Fight the good fight.

Who are the Villains 

The devil’s advocate in every meeting.

What died in 2019?  


What’s the biggest mistake marketers will make in 2020? Expect that people are willing to engage in your marketing. They’re not. If you want their attention, you’ll have to earn it.

If there were no laws for 24 hours, what would you do?

 The rebel in me now wants to conform.

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