Wynyard blasts critics, swears success

Glenda WynyardGlenda Wynyard

Glenda Wynyard has come out firing, with all guns swinging and six cylinders blazing in response to the loss of PMAA accreditation for her media agency, The Media Counsel.

Mashed metaphors can’t quite capture the gutsy response from the flamboyant media buyer.

“I’m a fucking street-fighting hori from Bay of Islands, so it’ll take more than this to get me down.”

The rumour mill has been working overtime since the Print Media Accreditation Authority announced that the Media Counsel’s accreditation was to be withdrawn on 17 October due to concerns around the agency’s financial resources.

“The agency no longer meets the assets/liabilities ratios required by the PMAA,” it said last Friday.

Wynyard says the loss of accreditation is annoying but no great problem.

“We’ve been trading successfully without accreditation for years. I only just got PMAA a little while ago, so it’s back to business as usual. My clients are the ones who count, and they’re backing me all the way.

As with many independent agencies, Media Counsel’s bookings have at times been made through accredited media shops such as Carat, or as is currently the case, Rainmakers.

Wynyard is frustrated that the PMAA move has lead to speculation about the success or otherwise of her business. She says the company has been trading profitably since it launched, barring one year. And it is growing billings from $33 million to a projected $50 million this financial year.

“Our issue is that we have grown very fast. We are now the largest New Zealand-owned media agency but like many Kiwi companies we are starved of capital. I’m addressing this and will have an announcement soon.

The PMAA has strict capital requirements, often too high for independents and at times for the multinationals. “I work with at least two large multinationals that don’t have accreditation either.”

Meanwhile, Wynyard is literally marching to reduce weight and fundraise for Breast Cancer research in a Les Mills programme called Bootcamp. Seems approriate.

You can support her here. This is her last day apprarently (at Bootcamp, not in business, go that?)

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