Wrist-based storytelling: Spark and Spotify give festivalgoers a digital snapshot of their experience

As a modern day right of passage, many of New Zealand’s young people will be heading to one of the country’s music festival over the summer. And if the festival in question happens to be either Rhythm & Vines or Rhythm & Alps, said festivalgoers will have an innovative new way of looking back at their experience later on.

For the first time in New Zealand, Spark and Spotify have teamed up to bring together #MyFestivalStory, which will provide a personalised digital snapshot of their festival experience through RFID (radio-frequency identification) technology.

This RFID technology is in the form of a wristband that each attendee has to wear to enter the festival. These wristbands will enable attendees to ‘connect, collect and share their festival experience’.

Jason Paris, general manager of home, mobile & business at Spark, says the #MyFestivalStory project was inspired by something similar that Spotify did at Coachella earlier in the year.

“Using the same RFID technology, My Festival Story takes it up a few notches, providing an interactive digital snapshot of your unique festival journey – the places you visited, photos, bespoke playlists and acts you saw, the number of steps you took – to share with your friends on social, and re-live years later, all thanks to Spark and Spotify.” 

RFID wristbands have been used at festivals in the past to load up with money so queues are shorter and you don’t have to carry around a wallet.

Kieran Spillane, the chief executive of Rhythm Group says they have a history of leading the way with festival technology and are keen to continue to do so.

“By connecting with on-site check-in points, the campaign will allow our audiences to listen to set lists from the artists on stage and build a detailed map of where they were during the festival,” explains Spillane. No word on whether next year’s technology will allow punters to chart the drugs they took.

All those that a keen to create a #MyFestivalStory have to do is sync their wristband to their Spotify account beforehand by go to www.myfestivalstory.co.nz, or at Spark Hang Out once they get there.

Post-festival, those who participated will be able to share all, their #MyFestivalStory content such as photos, playlists and so on through social media. 

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