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…Publicis Mojo and Waitemata films send Kenneth on a radio-controlled journey for the Auckland City Mission’s winter appeal, DDB NZ create a semi-internet meme with its new Pascall Swirl campaign, Tracta launches campaigns for the New Zealand Credit Union and Hawke’s Bay Rugby Union and Sean Fitzpatrick promotes full credit checking. 

What’s the frequency Kenneth?

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Auckland City Mission, Publicis Mojo and Paolo Rotondo of Waitemata Films have launched the charity’s winter campaign, which features a new radio controlled star, Kenneth the collection penguin.

Unfortunately one of Kenneth’s wheels fell off on the first day, but, in an effort to remove some of the awkwardness people feel when collectors ask for a donation, it’s come up with a novel idea of using an inanimate object instead.

You can make an instant donation by texting 305 and on the last day of the appeal, each text will move Kenneth 1 metre closer to the mission to deliver the funds he’s collected.

The fully integrated campaign will run throughout July.


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DDB NZ launched a new campaign for Pascall in Australia a couple of weeks ago that features a creepy old fairy dishing out Swirls, positioning it as a sweet you should eat after both banal and important events. And it appears to have become a semi-internet meme, with a number of Facebook pages popping up and Pascall Swirl trending on Twitter.

Get it off your back

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Tracta has launched a campaign for Hawke’s Bay-based New Zealand Credit Union that aims to steal customers away from the big players by featuring everyday Kiwis being worn down by the weight of greedy banks.

The credit union is New Zealand’s largest, with a 14-strong branch network and 30,000 members in the lower and central North Island, and it has gone through an extensive brand refresh which will be launched with a series of television campaigns, a new website www.easybanking.co.nz and branch refits with new livery.

“Our market research with existing and potential customers identified why NZCU is different, which is making a member’s banking experience as easy as possible. The larger banks do not deliver this customer experience,” says NZCU Baywide chief executive Gavin Earle. “A recent independent survey revealed that credit unions rank well ahead of banks in regards to customer service. We provide the full range of personal banking services that banks do but our model is different. Our customers (members) are also our owners who share in our success, therefore the relationship is much closer.

“We don’t have the pressure to maximise profits for external shareholders like banks. Credit Unions put profits back into a combination of better rates, fairer fees, responsible lending, community support and of course, outstanding customer service,” he says. “As a credit union, we focus on getting to know members, understanding their needs and doing our best to tailor solutions that help them improve their financial position.”

Excuses, excuses

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Speaking of Tracta, the ‘heartland agency’ has also launched a campaign for Hawke’s Bay Rugby Union with the theme “If you’re not at the game, you better have a bloody good excuse!”

The campaign runs on TV3 regionally (production company Indelible), in local print and on local radio.

Credit where credit is due

Clarke Newton has created a new campaign for credit information and business intelligence provider Veda Advantage that features former All Blacks captain Sean Fitzpatrick and the expression he made famous: “Full Credit”.

“Every year, New Zealand businesses lose millions of dollars from bad debts,” says Clarke Newton’s Gordon Clarke. “So Fitzpatrick advises any business giving credit to always run a credit check before doing so.”



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