Machines taking over

Some estimates suggest that as much as 43 percent of all jobs currently existing will be automated by 2033, leading to millions of people in the workforce having to find new jobs. This obviously puts many of us in an awkward position in that our responsibilities might one day decline into polishing the robot that can do our job much faster and more accurately than what we ever could. 

So to give workers an indication of how much risk automation poses to them, the National Public Radio (NPR) website has released an interactive web tool that gives visitors an indication of how likely it is that a robot will one day do their jobs.

Users are simply required to select their job from a list and the web tool then spits out a percentage of the likeliness of the position being automated in the near future.    

Fortunately for our industry, most positions in the Arts, Design, Entertainment, Sports and Media category are relatively safe from automation.

Art directors only have 2.3 percent risk of automation, multimedia artists and animators have a 1.5 percent risk and producers and directors are sitting comfortably on 1.5 percent.

Not quite as safe in their positions are umpires and referees, which have a 98.3 percent chance of being automated in the future. From a spectators’ point of view this will result in  more accurate decision-making, but it does leave us with nothing to talk about after the game. Technical writers (88.8 percent), bookkeepers (97.6 percent) and tellers (98.3 percent) are also at risk of automation.  


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