Nike athletes unleash their potential

Last month, Nike launched its ‘Unlimited’ campaign, which saw Bobby Cannavale deliver a motivational speech to a nursery of babies and encourage them to go beyond their limits.

The infant versions of Nike athletes LeBron James, Neymar Jr., Serena Williams, Mo Farah and Zhou Qi were among those to hear it.

However, in the latest ‘Unlimited You’ spot, it seems the speech may have worked a little too well, as the athletes push themselves further than the ads voice over seems to appreciate.

What starts off in a very typical manner, with footage of athletes participating in their chosen sport paired with a voice-over of actor Oscar Isaac talking up their potential, goes off track after the first minute and Isaac loses control.

When Isaac tries to wrap-up the spot with the line “maximum potential”, the athletes show they have more to prove and their maximum becomes only the beginning.

School kids try to outrun Olympic sprinters English Gardner and Su BingTian, basketball players Aaron Gordon and Zach LaVine do a slam dunk from a crashing car, and tennis player Serena Williams and baseball player Giancarlo Stanton take training to the next level. Watching it unfold, Isaac is heard losing his cool while trying, and failing, to keep things under control.

“Everybody is going way too far,” he says, but Olympic runner Mo Farah keeps going even after the race is finished and a child on a skateboard takes off down a massive hill.

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