Whack-a-Drunk (or not)

While there’s numerous graphic commercials on television utilising the gory shock factor to ram home the message about the perils of drink driving, Asia Pacific Breweries (APB) Ltd has devised an interactive approach to encourage responsible drinking. Represented in New Zealand by DB Breweries, APB is playing responsible corporate citizen by launching the Good Choices, Good Cheers campaign, inviting members of the public who are of legal drinking age in the Asia Pacific region to play The Cheers Challenge, a customised online game on responsible drinking.

The game requires players to toast characters who are suitable to drink alcohol and avoid those who aren’t. The game is modeled of the traditional Whack-A-Mole arcade game, only with this version, you don’t whack a mole. Instead, you offer a cheers to the responsible drinkers who pop up. But if you offer a cheers to Duncan the Drunk for example, you loose the precious beer mug in your hand.

The game gets more challenging with each new level as players race against time to achieve the most number of correct toasts for the highest score within 60 seconds at each level. There are also two bonus levels where trivia questions are asked, allowing players to score more points.

If that all sounds a little confusing, check it out for yourself HERE.

“We understand the importance of relevant messaging and delivery if we aim to go beyond passive exposure and to have the information we deliver grab attention, be retained and, even better, shared by our target audience,” says Sarah Koh of APB Limited. “We want to harness the capabilities of new media with the online game and to make responsible drinking socially encouraged and enjoyed.”

The challenge is open only to participants residing in New Zealand, Cambodia, China, Indonesia, Laos, Malaysia, Mongolia, New Caledonia, Papua New Guinea, Singapore, Sri Lanka, Thailand and Vietnam.

The contest will run until 1 May this year and will award 12 weekly and three monthly top scorers prizes from each region. A total of 12 Sony Cybershot cameras (weekly prize) and three Apple iPads wifi 3G (monthly prize) will be awarded to Kiwi’s entering the competition.

The top country scorer each month will secure a place in the championship regional face-off in Singapore, where a holiday for two in June will be the main prize.

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