Wendy’s sends bacon lovers to rehab

Wendy’s and Augusto are getting real about bacon addiction in a new campaign to promote the range of Baconator burgers.

Featuring a social media video cut down to air on TV, Snapchat and Spotify, the campaign shows six Wendy’s fans attend bacon rehab and open up about their love of the meat. However, to add some humour to an otherwise deep topic, the attendees had no idea they were going to the therapy session, having been told they were going to do some taste-testing.

Given the element of surprise surprise, joint creative director Matt Sellars says the team had no idea how the talent would react but, fortunately, they were great sports and really embraced their inner bacon demons.

The attendees proceed to open up about their love of bacon with one woman admitting she would give up her phone, job and computer games for bacon, while another said he would “rather bacon than hang out with friends”. This was followed by a man’s story of eating bacon from the bin.

The experiences support joint creative director Rich Robson’s claim that the world is obsessed with bacon, especially Kiwis. He adds that off the back of several irreverent campaigns, the agency is thrilled to continue growing its partnership with Wendy’s in creating brave, content-led work.

The bacon rehab idea follows a campaign released in May, featuring Singer of Songs Wayne Anderson creating a mouthful of a jingle for the Bacon Portabella range.

Baconator extensions are nothing new for Wendy’s and its local CEO Danielle Lendich says with this latest range, it was looking for a new and exciting way to tell its story as well as new media to get the message across.

“We were presented with some really creative ideas for both the campaign and the media and I am really excited to see it all come to life.”


Agency/production company: Augusto
Creative director: Rich Robson
Creative director: Matt Sellars
Director: Laura Sargisson 
Producer: Brad Harvey
Head of client service: Tammy Milani
Senior account manager: Craig Harrison
Editor: Mariano Segedin
Motion designer: Max Desai
Production assistant: Kimberley Warren
DOP: Bevan Crothers and Ollie Harris
Sound recordist: Marcus Lawson
Sound design: Radiate

Wendy’s New Zealand:
CEO: Danielle Lendich

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