WellingtonNZ and EightyOne get capital city back on track

WellingtonNZ and EightyOne’s latest campaign is reminding Kiwis what makes Wellington so great, a sense of community.

Created to support Wellington businesses, from cafes, shops, and experiences, the Love Local campaign went from idea to launch within days.

EightyOne executive creative director, Chris Bleakley, says the campaign was created as an appreciation of the capital city.

“We love Wellington. So of course we couldn’t say no to helping out all the people in our neighbourhoods. We’re buying coffee, eating out, getting Wellington back on its feet.”

WellingtonNZ general manager of marketing, Anna Calver says the team launched the campaign before the country went into lockdown and it has since gathered huge momentum within the Wellington region.

“We didn’t want it to be a guilt campaign. People should feel good about supporting local without giving them the added weight of having to do so when their own financial circumstances might be challenging.

“We’re really stoked with how EightyOne has brought Love Local to life. They’ve absolutely struck that hard-to-achieve balance of getting the local message out there, in a way that’s positive and feels very Wellington.”

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