Well well Wells, Briscoes Group changes direction in new campaign

Briscoes has come forward as the next brand modernising its traditional message, this time using its Stanly St partnership to take its famous motto a little bit further.

Using the talents of director Josh Frizzell, the new spot is a noticeable differentiation to their normal campaigns, including the lack of the iconic Tammy Wells.

Briscoes ads have a talent of being a little bit hectic, with Frizzell’s piece working into the narrative. It’s quick, it shows a lot of products, and it fits a lot of emotion into 45 seconds.

However, viewers can breathe a sigh of release, Stanley St confirmed it is absolutely not the end of the line for Tammy. With confirmation upcoming Christmas campaigns will feature Wells, with one campaign expected to complement this latest one.

The ad feels more international than recent campaigns, perhaps the lack of Wells, yet the retailer has also changed its tag line of ‘You’ll never buy better’ to a simpler ‘live for better’.

Creatives Brooke Wiley and Josh Foley say they wanted the spot to reflect the unperfect life of the new consumer, one that goes through tough moments but still has a lot of good times.

“As well as the core brand loyalists, more and more millennials are shopping with Briscoes and we needed a tone, feel and voice that reflected that.”

Creative Director Kim Ellison agrees “what’s really poignant about this idea, are the moments that all of us can relate to. I’m sure people will definitely recognise one or two scenarios from their own lives.”

Briscoes Group and Stanley St have had a long-term partnership between then, so it’s no surprise as Stanley St work into a new mould that they’d be bringing the retailer with them.

“This is a real step-change for Briscoes,” says chief creative officer Regan Grafton, “As Stanley Street embarks on its new journey, so does Briscoes, and I look forward to seeing where we both go together.”




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