Watch out: Part Time Rangers saves the shark 80’s-style

Local alcohol company Part Time Rangers is channelling Bay Watch for ‘#Sharkwatch’, a campaign by Pitchblack to promote the drink’s efforts to save the sharks.

Featuring scenes of brightly-dressed beachgoers dancing and drinking, the hero online video celebrates sharks, rather than portraying them in a scary light.

The video closes with the line ‘Shark sightings are a sign of a healthy ocean’ to encourage viewers to share their summer shark sightings on social media along with the #sharkwatch.

According to the release, these sightings will provide important data to shark scientist Riley Elliot about populations, migration and feeding habits for his Sustainable Oceans Society research.

As well as 45” and 30” online videos, the campaign is being rolled across outdoor, digital, social and PR – which scored the campaign a feature on The Project.

In the announcement, Oliver Deane from Part Time Rangers says ‘Shark Watch’ is a fun and engaging way to get Kiwis involved in something important.

“Rebranding the shark is a pretty awesome task, and is certainly a step in the right direction to conserving the species. If you alter perceptions, behavioural change will follow.”

Shark scientist Riley Elliott adds the campaign engages the public by celebrating that when a shark is spotted, it doesn’t represent fear, but rather a reflection of a healthy marine ecosystem.

As well as partnering with Elliott, Part Time Rangers have partnered with Sustainable Coastlines. To support the work, the brand will donate 10 percent of the profits from the sale of their new Great White Shark. These donations will help fund various programmes focused on saving sharks, and cleaning up our oceans.

Creative Agency – Pitchblack Partners
Production Company – Jetblack
Illustration – Tomas Cottle
Sound Design – Liquid Studios

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