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New Zealand’s very first subscription-based content creation service is disrupting the industry by providing a more cost-effective, flexible and responsive way for brands, corporates and agencies to produce quality video content and animation.

VideoTaxi is a subscription model giving subscribers access to experienced video producers for a set number of days per year.  That time can be used against the full spectrum of content creation, from creative, script development, filming & production services, editing, graphics and animation – all produced to the exacting standards that today’s leading brands and companies demand.

Co-founder of VideoTaxi, Ondrej Havas says “Everyone knows, in the world of content, video is king. In today’s digital age it’s an essential tool for brands and business leaders to reach and engage their audience. But the process of producing content can be cumbersome and often expensive. This either puts people off or creates a strain on key resources like time and budgets.”

Ondrej Havas

It’s out of this frustration that VideoTaxi was born. There had to be a better way to produce content quickly and cost-effectively. Now 18-months in the market, all indications point to Havas having found it.

In this short time, VideoTaxi has 20 subscribers including several of New Zealand’s leading brands and corporates, namely Genesis Energy, PlaceMakers, AA Insurance, Heb Construction, Westfield, ITM, Target Furniture, Countdown and ATEED. They are using their subscription to produce everything from social media content, retail TVC’s, corporate comms, internal communication and learning & development films. Subscribers are loving the model, citing the responsiveness, speed, cost savings and quality as the key benefits.

A couple of agencies have also subscribed, presenting VideoTaxi as their trusted video partner, or under a white-label agreement, as a cost-effective means to have video production capabilities and an additional profit stream.

Dan Chasemore, communications manager for Countdown was one of VideoTaxi’s early adopters and talks to camera about how VideoTaxi has worked for Countdown;

In the video you hear Dan talking about VideoTaxi’s simplified pricing model. Clients commit to using from 26 days, to as many days as they need, worth of content creation time within a 12 month period. This time is loaded onto their account, and like a taxi meter in reverse, time used gets deducted from their balance.

It doesn’t matter whether the time is spent on creative, production or editing, it’s all deducted at the same rate.  This makes it very simple for everyone to understand – people pay for time. If it takes 2 hours, then 2 hours comes off the meter. Many clients like Westfield are getting finished videos produced in less than a day, providing incredible value and speed.

“Countdown, for example, uses VideoTaxi to film monthly messages from the Managing Director to the company’s 16,000 staff. We shoot in the morning, edit in the afternoon, and then they’re ready to go”

Recognising the increasing need to produce video content, there was a growing trend a few years ago of corporates investing in setting up internal video units. This may have seemed attractive in theory, but the reality for most is that it was expensive, created internal politics, and the results were often uninspiring.  Today, corporates are trending away from this option and VideoTaxi provides an attractive alternative.

It’s not just in New Zealand that VideoTaxi is getting attention. Four international production houses have signed licence agreements to sell VideoTaxi in their markets. On the back of this, VideoTaxi is now up and running in New York, Philadelphia and Brussels. A producer from Brazil is flying into Auckland next week to spend a week with the VideoTaxi team to duplicate this model in his home city, Sao Paulo

“The VideoTaxi brand and model translates well globally because the power of film is an international language.  Everyone gets it.”

The future is looking bright for this Kiwi start-up. If you’re looking for a content production partner, remember to holler for a Taxi.

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