Very native advertising: Schick and Y&R aim to tame feral faces

The growing popularity of facial coverings among certain sections of the male populous has led some to predict we have now reached ‘peak beard’, where the more beards there are, the less appealing they become. If so, that’s good news for the razor makers who sell the tools required for proper beard maintenance. And Schick and Y&R have attempted to push that anti-beard agenda by showing a series of men who have quite literally gone feral as part of a campaign for its new Hydro Groomer. 

Almost like Okuma’s kidults ads (and in what could be seen as the advertising version of Margaret Mahy’s The Three-legged Cat), the shots of men with bushy beards seem normal from a distance but on closer inspection reveal themselves to be furry animals wrapped around the men’s faces. And Schick and Y&R are asking bearded chaps to post pictures on social media under the #FreeYourSkin hashtag and win some things. 

The campaign has received a fair bit of media attention so far, with stories in the Daily Mail, Buzzfeed, London tube rag Metro and many others, as well as a fair bit of sharing from beard/animal lovers. 

What’s next? Advertising in the beards themselves

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