Uniting against ad blockers

The growing prominence of ad blocking is proving a major headache for online publishers that rely on advertising to finance their businesses. And with every new person that downloads an ad blocking software, the problem only becomes bigger.

Well, Swedish publishers may have found a means by which to stop the software from undermining their ability to sell ads—and it comes in the shape of teamwork. 

Around 90 percent of the digital publishers in Sweden have banded together to block Adblock users from using their sites.

This practice is not unusual, with several publishers across the globe already blocking users who have adblocking software activated. However, when individual publishers take this leap, they risk losing the reader or viewer to a competing site. 

By forming a united front spearheaded by the IAB of Sweden, publishers in the country make it virtually impossible for local readers to gain access to local content while their ad blocking software is active. 

It is becoming increasingly apparent that for publishers to take on major digital challenges, they need to collaborate.

Locally, we’ve also seen this trend in the formation of KPEX—through a partnership between Fairfax Media, MediaWorks, NZME and TVNZ—in a bid to tap into the lucrative programmatic market that’s currently being dominated by Google. 

It now seems that for the local publishers to win the battle against ad blockers, they will again have to sit together and develop a collaborative defence strategy.   

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