TVCs of the week: 25 August

Who’s it for: DB Export by Colenso BBDO and Scoundrel

Why we like it: DB has been using its  calling on Kiwis to drink beer in a bid to save the world, and now, through the launch of DB Export 0.0% Citrus, it’s making it possible to help save the world even when beer drinking isn’t exactly appropriate. As irreverent as the previous ‘Brewtroleum’ spots, the launch ad for the product introduces the new drink as part of the DB family (even though it doesn’t contain alcohol). 

Who’s it for: Sky TV by DDB Robber’s Dog

Why we like it: The problem with being 11 hours ahead of the UK is that it will make it quite tricky to watch a Rugby World Cup match that has a 3.30pm or 4.45pm kickoff. However, if Sky’s latest campaign is anything to go by, waking up a few hours early is unlikely dissuade the legions of All Blacks fans across the country from supporting their team. And as the narrator says: “It’s hard to beat a halftime sunrise … especially if you’re 20 points up.”

Who’s it for: Lumino the Dentists by MediaR and Gypsy

Why we like it: In popular culture, dentistry is often associated with horrific—and expensive—drilling. And this obviously isn’t all that compatible with the sunny disposition that’s often prevalent in advertising. So rather than focusing on the trauma of the dental chair, Lumino the Dentists draws attention to the toothy smiles of a varied range of of people, who simply doing things that make them happy. In doing this, Lumino isn’t selling the grinding sound of decay being chiseled away but rather the sense of confidence that comes with knowing that your smile isn’t going to frighten people.  

Who’s it for: Lotto Powerball by DDB

Why we like it: Lotto Powerball’s story about dad, his son and a pirate boat gave a heartfelt introduction to the ‘Imagine’ positioning, and it has again pulled at the heartstrings by showing a family playing a classic game of backyard cricket. And with Lotto chief marketing officer Guy Cousins hinting that there’s more to come, it will be interesting to see how ‘Imagine’ develops for the brand over the next few months.           

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