TVCs of the Week: 22 September

Who’s it for: Southern Cross by Barnes, Catmur & Friends and Goodoil Films

Why we like it: If we could step back in time, we’d all do things differently. Mistakes, and the regret that follows them, are an inescapable part of life. And using this as its premise, Barnes, Catmur & Friends provides a series of snapshots of the entire life of a Kiwi bloke. Backed by a great script, the one-minute spot tells a moving story that takes the viewer from laughter to a lumpy throat in a matter of seconds while simultaneously making the point that life is short and that we should make smart decisions while we can.      

Who’s it for: Beats by R/GA London and Reset

Why we like it: Quite often, the acting performances put in by sports stars leave a lot to be desired, with the scenes coming across as cotrived or forced. However, in the latest spot from Beats, Richie McCaw has turned on his inner-Thespian and delivered content that tingles the spine. And in much the same way that Beats produced one of the best ads during the FIFA World Cup, the brand now shows that it also knows how to get a rugby fan’s heart going.         

Who’s it for: ASB by Saatchi & Saatchi and Flying Fish

Why we like it: This Monday was the first of many mornings that supporters around the country woke up early to watch the All Blacks take on the rest of the world in an attempt to defend the trophy they’ve held for the last four years. And in lieu of beers, coffee has become the choice as fans try desperately to keep their weary eyes open. So, in an effort to show some caffeinated support, ASB has launched a limited edition brew for those early morning dates with destiny.          

Who’s it for: Meridian Energy by Barnes, Catmur and Friends 

Why we like it: Jeremy Wells wears a little more attire this time as he trumpets the environmental message that Meridian Energy uses as its a point of difference. While the ad is simple, cameos from a coughing koala and aggressive eating acts from Freddy as well as another polished delivery by Wells make it an entertaining 30 seconds.      

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