TVCs of the week: 14 June

Who it’s for: Trade Me Jobs by EightyOne and Stem Creative

Why we like it: Cheesy songs have been a trope of advertising for a long time. And in a new spot for the job section of its site, Trade Me has doubled up on the Mozzarella and gone for a cheese-filled crust. Playing an infectious tune while showing a series of Kiwis annoyingly happy about being at work, the spot certainly gets stuck in the viewer’s head. And because the ad doesn’t take itself too seriously, it somehow works despite all that cheese.   

Who it’s for: New Zealand Heart Foundation by Barnes, Catmur & Friends and Flying Fish

Why we like it: Following on from a faux serial killer motif, the New Zealand Heart Foundation has now employed a clever use of cinematic sleight of hand makes the point that heart attacks are often subtler than we think they are. And by placing emphasis on the smaller things, the ad encourages viewers to get their less obvious chest niggles checked out.      

Who it’s for: Lotto Powerball by DDB and The Sweet Shop

Why we like it: Lotto Powerball is has shifted away from excitable high fives to focus on imagination. And while it is somewhat uncomfortable to see something comparable to gambling being presented as a vehicle to escape a difficult situation, the story told in the ad certainly pulls at the heartstrings.


Who it’s for: Adidas by Iris Worldwide and Augusto

Why we like it: Part Dragon Ball Z power-up scene, part natural disaster documentary intro, the new Adidas ad for the lead up to the Rugby World Cup is a visual feast that focuses on what’s most important: the sweaty giants of New Zealand rugby. While the ad has already spawned one parody—and will likely lead to others—Adidas won’t be complaining as long as it attracts attention in the lead up to the tournament.         

Who it’s for: Pak ‘n Save by FCB

Why we like it: For someone with no distinct facial features to speak of, Stick Man has become a remarkably recognisable character in the Kiwi advertising landscape, producing a prolific number of quirky spots on a consistent basis. And the growing canon of Stick Man advertising was recently expanded with a creepy spot that showed the loveable stick figure suffering an unfortunate parch of meat dreams. Fortunately, he awoke from the horror to enjoy his secret stash.             

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