Toyota’s smitten, masochistic kitten takes StopPress/MediaWorks TVC of the Year title, Westpac’s ‘Flatties’ wins People’s Choice

Chins have been stroked, cases have been put, voices have ben raised and chocolate thins have been consumed. Which can mean only one thing: the winners have been chosen for the StopPress/MediaWorks TVC of the Year. 

In previous years, we’ve run a poll on StopPress to find the overall winner. We did that again this year and received almost 1,000 votes, but we wanted to try and ensure the best ads were represented, rather than the ads from the agencies or clients with the biggest desire for victory/most people. So we got a few humans—TBWA\’s executive creative director Toby Talbot, MediaWorks’ creative director Ant Farac and StopPress/NZ Marketing editor Ben Fahy—around a table for some robust debate. And the winners are … 

StopPress/MediaWorks TVC of the Year: 

1) Toyota ‘Feels Good Inside’ by Saatchi & Saatchi and Goodoil 

  • Check out the inside story of how the ad came together here

2) DB Export 33 ‘He’s Drinking it For You’ by Colenso BBDO and Prodigy

3 =) Unitec ‘We make the people who make it’ by Special Group and 8com

McDonald’s ‘Staying up late’ by DDB and Revolver

People’s Choice:

Westpac ‘Flatties’ by DDB and Prodigy. 

  • Check out the story behind the bickering oldies and the wider ‘Start Asking’ campaign here

The winners of the overall prize will be treated to a powerlunch at Everbody’s Izakaya and the winners of the People’s Choice prize will get a $250 voucher for The Crown

Toby Talbot on first: “I was working in London last year. It was November, minus 10 outside and despite the fact that it was four in the afternoon, it was pitch black already. Grim. I had just come from a meeting with a client who felt that the best possible outcome on a piece of work was to link test it. Even grimmer. Time to head home, I was thinking. I mentally started to pack my bags the moment I saw the funny new Corolla ad. I was also transported back to the days when I was CD on Toyota at Saatchi for two blissfully happy years. What a great and trusting client they were to work with. And this spot, under the deft directorial hand of Hamish Rothwell, is a real return to form for the agency. The insight is clever, the comedy sublime. Yes, there are the obligatory front three quarter shots of the car throughout, but not at the expense of superb storytelling (something that myriad car brands still don’t seem to get.) The louche French chanteur perfectly offsets the action too. The ‘Corolla Cat’ is an out and out winner for me. And that from a dog lover. Hats off to everyone at the Strand responsible for this ad. But just as importantly, to those clever people in Palmerston North for approving it.”

Ant Farac on second: “Coming from a network in receivership, I spend days pining over ads with generous budgets, exotic locations, Phantom cameras and DOPs with hard to pronounce French names (who undoubtedly bring an air of mystery and charm to any shoot). And I’m often left contemplating ‘what would I have done differently?’ A Grand Piano, white horses, an excellent script with perfect casting, not to mention my wife grunting from the sofa suggesting I should try DB Export 33 because she too might be happier, made this spot an irresistible, instant stand out.”

Ben Fahy on third: “While institutions of learning and fast food chains don’t share too much in common, these two ads did: a high degree of difficulty and great execution. Making the trades look cool and appealing is a tough brief, but Unitec did just that by showcasing the work of some of its students—and the gritty urban splendour of Auckland itself. High production values, a great track and a nod to the world of music videos and film to appeal to the target demographic hit the spot. As for McDonald’s, going and getting a combo when your sport-mad child doesn’t go to bed may not be the best or most realistic response from a responsible parent, but it’s a nice yarn for a tough client that fitted the brief of showcasing its Olympic sponsorship—and that it’s open all night.” 

While we were only meant to choose the top three TVCs, the judges decided it would be a shame not to add a couple of extra categories to reward some other good work: best craft and best campaign. 


1) Good Books ‘Metamorphosis’ by String Theory and Buck

2) Auckland Philharmonia ‘Soundtrack to Auckland’ by Colenso BBDO and Thick as Thieves

3) New World ‘Every day a New World’ by Colenso BBDO/.99 and The Sweet Shop


1) Instant Kiwi ‘It Pays to Push your Luck‘ by DDB and The Sweet Shop

2) Westpac ‘Start Asking’ by DDB and The Sweet Shop/Prodigy

3) New World ‘Every day a New World’ by Colenso BBDO/.99 and The Sweet Shop

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