Trustpower pushes its multi-utility narrative via an awkward love story

Last year in April, Trustpower’s research team found that many Kiwis didn’t realise that the company offered services beyond energy. To counter this problem and showcase its broadband, phone and gas services to potential customers, the company launched ‘The better together’ campaign, which aimed to highlight the benefits of having a single multi-utility bill.

The campaign was initially limited to Auckland, Hamilton and Wellington, but now Trustpower has launched its first nationwide campaign to share its multi-utility story with more Kiwis.  

The new campaign is being led with a quirky TVC featuring a pair of characters—dressed as energy and broadband—sharing a brief and slightly awkward first conversation at what appears to be a superhero convention.  

This campaign has been launched with a new promotion that sees Trustpower offering unlimited broadband for only $49 a month for 12 months to customers who sign up for both energy and broadband with the company.  

“At an unlimited broadband price that’s around half what many other providers offer, the advertising would have succeeded by simply screaming the offer loud and long … however, [we]believed that such a groundbreaking price was a powerful tool to explain and build the brand,” says a release from the company.

Carolyn Schofield, the marketing communications manager at Trustpower, explains that she had a very clear objetive at the outset of the project.

“My instructions were clear: tell a story, create a strong emotion, and communicate the offer,” she says. “Forget logic, don’t research, simply get people to feel and react.”

And she says that the off-beat 90-second ad achieved exactly this.   

“This campaign … has exceeded our most optimistic expectations. Daniel Crayford and Nick Sampson at Gunroom have created a remarkable piece of advertising, and are an integral part of the Trustpower marketing team. Their ability to understand and deliver on the commercial imperatives of Trustpower, while creating empathetic and engaging storytelling is a rare skill.”

Schofield also shared a few kind words about the production team working on the campaign:

“It takes a talented group of people to make a good idea great, and the level of craft and skill demonstrated by Chris Dudman and Robber’s Dog was exceptional – they are a joy to work with. Many thanks too to Jonathan Bree and Peter van der Fluit for composing such a beautiful song.”


Client: Carolyn Schofield, Marketing Communications Manager, Trustpower
Agency: Gunroom
Creative: Daniel Crayford
Account Director: Nick Sampson
TV Production: Robber’s Dog
Director: Chris Dudman
Producer: Mark Foster
Animation: Teaspoon
Original Music: Liquid Studios – Jonathan Bree / Peter van der Fluit
Media: Independent Media NZ – Mark Reekie

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