Travel trends boost Out of Home reach

Out of Home (OOH) advertising reaches more Kiwis daily than any other advertising medium, and flexible work is helping it rather than hurting, new research by the Out of Home Media Association Aotearoa (OOHMAA) suggests.

OOHMAA has released the findings of its latest research project, Aotearoa In Motion, which took a deep dive into Kiwi’s mobility and media consumption to identify how Out of Home advertising fits into consumers’ lives and use these insights to demonstrate how marketers can best leverage Out of Home for maximum impact.

The study specifically explored and answered the following:

  • Media Consumption – How Out of Home connects with consumers
  • Kiwis’ Mobility – How they are moving and what impact Work from Home/flexible work models have had
  • The Role of Out of Home in the wider media market: How marketers can maximise their Out of Home campaigns

The results showed Out of Home reaches an 80 percent of all urban people 18 years and older each day, higher than even social media (76 percent) and well ahead of other channels like Online Video (48 percent), Linear TV (47 percent) and Radio (47 percent).

The report found that Kiwis are very mobile and open to brands talking to them in the real world and that adopting a more flexible work model has created more Out of Home occasions.

Although 59 percent of white-collar workers have flexibility around the locations and hours they work, nearly 60 percent of Kiwis still commute into the city centre or inner suburbs to work, and the working from home trend has actually led to slightly longer peak commuting hours.

The average Kiwi spends three hours a week commuting and 74 minutes a day travelling overall, including work or education, shopping trips and visits to friends and family.

‘Out of Home has the ability for both mass and niche targeting, a strength that has been amplified with the increasing adoption of pDOOH and DOOH. With this increase in Marketers’ ability to tap into specific audiences at specific times, knowing when, where and who to deliver messages to has never been so important,’ says OOHMAA’s CEO, Natasha O’Connor.

‘Having the ability to showcase to marketers and advertising agencies a deeper understanding of our audience, the impact this knowledge may have on Out of Home media planning, and how to maximise the effectiveness of Out of Home campaigns is essential for the continued growth and development of our Industry,’ concludes O’Connor.

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