Trade Me gets users clued up on staying safe online

Scams are getting increasingly sophisticated, which is why Trade Me’s latest video—starring the company’s own staffers—is looking to get people clued up on the perils of purchasing online.

The three-minute video shows two friends playing a game of pool and discussing a series of common (though somewhat exaggerated) scam scenarios and how they can be avoided. And while it’s taken on a humorous tone, it aims to demonstrate that scams such as phishing, fake identities, and offshore payments can and do happen in the real world.

“We came up with the concept while throwing ideas around about what we refer to as our ‘annual video project,'” says Trade Me communications advisor Jeff Hunkin.

“This collection of videos includes ’24 Hours at Trade Me’ and ‘Who Are We?’, which were produced over the last couple of years, and this year we decided we wanted to do something in line with our values and had an element of public education about it, all delivered in an interesting way.”

The safety messages have also been shared on Trade Me’s website.

In a similar vein to last year’s ’24 Hours’ video, real Trade Me employees feature as the cast in ‘Staying Safe Online’, with the company holding ‘auditions’ for the roles.

“There is an unbelievable amount of talent on deck at Trade Me when it comes to being on camera,” says Hunkin.

“We love finding that out about our people…and the fact they lead this other life outside of work on stage or on camera is just awesome. We reckon we’d be remiss not to harness some of that for projects like this one.”

Hunkin says the video is a joint effort between Wellington-based production house Wrestler, and Trade Me’s own in-house pool of talent.

“It’s huge to be able to count on in-house skills for our projects,” he says.

“We have a dedicated email group sarcastically called ‘Model Search’ that staff can join if they’re interested in being involved in video or photo shoots and we email that group anytime we have a project we need on-screen talent.”

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