Tourism New Zealand ad investigates why New Zealand is being left off world maps

Tourism New Zealand has released its latest campaign, via Augusto, with quirky New Zealand comedian Rhys Darby heading up a rigorous investigation alongside Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern, to find out why Aotearoa can’t be found on maps around the world. 

The ad, which is just short of three minutes, sees Darby in Los Angeles ‘searching the internets’ and ‘getting in behind it’ to investigate why New Zealand has vanished off world maps. He calls Prime Minister Ardern, who is somewhere in London, to bring her up to speed on the crisis. 

After rattling around his office, Darby begins to find answers: the Aussies have taken New Zealand’s tourists, the sneaky Frenchies have taken its wine sales, and England have finally got rid of the All Blacks. That or the country looks like “a fiddly looking shaped country a bit like a half-eaten lamb chop” and is thus taken as a mistake.  

At first, Ardern appears bemused by Darby’s but then herself sees that he may be on to something. The campaign finishes with Ardern encouraging tourists and citizens to rally together and help #getNZonthemap.

While it is a clever effort from Tourism New Zealand, it leaves us questioning the shape of our countries, while we all know Italy is a boot, could New Zealand be a dishevelled supermarket carrot? Australia a side-ways cauliflower ear? Pakistan a gluttonous bird? Is our world one big cat playing with Australia? 


Client: Tourism New Zealand
Director of Trade, PR & Major Events: René de Monchy​
GM Public Relations: Lauren Vosper​
Global Brand and Content Manager: Brodie Reid

Agency/Production Company: Augusto Group
LA Director: James Anderson
NZ Director: Michelle Walshe​
Creative Director: Matt Sellars​
Creative Director: Rich Robson
Exec Producer: Cass Avery

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