To those of you working from home…

To our creatives finding ‘isolation’ is just a normal weekend for them. To our PR managers burning through their phone batteries on endless ‘follow-ups’. To our ECD’s churning through their Nespresso pods and bulk bought Almond milk just to feel normal.

To our junior creatives now stuck in their flats with flatmates they don’t particularly ‘vibe’ with. To the managing directors trying to figure out what the actual fuck is going on.

To our marketers, striving to keep clients sane. To the clients, slowing losing their shit. To our agencies big and small, stowing their plans for a calmer time.

To our reporters, watching and waiting, hitting the refresh on RNZ fast enough to start a small fire. To our writers, staring into the fridge for inspiration, then the pantry, then back to the fridge, then admitting defeat and eating a plain Vita-Weat.

To our account managers, spending some quality time with their cats. To the cats, who now have to put up with our unbridled attention when we’re bored.

To our freelancers, who haven’t noticed the change. To the juniors trying to keep everyone positive. To the seniors telling you it’s going to be alright. and to you, doing your best to soldier on.

Things will get better, make sure you’re looking after yourself.

We are all here in this as one, and we salute you, one and all.

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