The year in review: Sadhana Raman

With a combination of effective, unashamedly jingoistic advertising, a solid product offering and consistently high rates of customer satisfaction, Kiwibank has performed the role of challenger brand brilliantly and given the big boys plenty of grief since it was set up in 2002. Hell, ASB even took aim at it last year in the misguided ‘We’re a Kiwi bank’ campaign and Sam Neill signed on to be the bank’s mascot, so it must be doing something right. Sadhana Raman, Kiwibank’s general manager of brand and marketing communications—and a finalist in last year’s Marketer of the Year awards—goes back in time.

1) Favourite campaign that isn’t yours

Youtube Video

Youtube Video

Youtube Video Love the AMI “Insuring New Zealandness” campaign. It’s fun and has really tapped into the Kiwi psyche.

2) Favourite campaign that is yours

Youtube Video‘Join the Movement’. All the drama of Aussie bankers landing on our shores and the excitement of the resistance movement

3) Least favourite campaign

Probably ASB’s. It’s brave but crosses the line and gets too personal for what you want from a bank.

4) Best brand

2degrees. Great ads backed by great service. It’s the complete deal.

Youtube Video

5) Best stoush

Sorry, can’t think of one.

6) Heroes

I think the media in general showed a high level of professionalism and sensitivity in the reporting of the Pike River Memorial service.

7) Villains

None come to mind.

8) Most memorable marketing moment

Probably the most anticipated advertising event in recent times: how they would finish off Goldstein.

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