The Whole Picture launches

Marketing veteran Andrew Holt, the former business director of Colenso BBDO and MD of Clemenger Wellington, has launched marketing consultancy The Whole Picture. 

Holt, who has worked at some of the biggest creative agencies in the UK, Australia and New Zealand during his career spanning over 20 years, started The Whole Picture to provide strategic advice in order to help businesses realise their full potential and unlock greater revenue growth. 

“Brand is the most powerful commercial tool available to any business and yet many are failing to leverage the full potential of it.

“Too often, brand is seen as a cost rather than a fundamental driver of business growth and as marketing continues to get more complex and marketers are pulled in many directions, it is all too easy for the short-term agenda or the novelty of the new to distract from building the brand in a 360-degree holistic way.”

Holt has developed a Whole Brand Scorecard and Whole Thinking Process to focus a strategic spotlight on business and brand challenges across four distinct perspectives. 

With a ‘collaborative consultancy’ approach, the emphasis is on uncovering actionable insights that will engage the whole business in brand thinking.

“The Whole Picture has been designed to assist marketers take a step back and see the whole brand ecosystem to ultimately unlock greater value for customers, stakeholders and the wider community.”

Currently, The Whole Picture is working with Adelaide-headquartered BusTech Group, which is pioneering Australia’s transition to zero-emission mass transit.

Christian Reynolds, BusTech Group Executive Chairman, says: “Working with The Whole Picture helped us unlock value by consolidating our bus brand portfolio and pivoting the business to become an enabler of next generation connected transit solutions – creating growth by providing sustainable environmental and economic change for all Australians.”

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