The Enthusiasts and AUT encourage greatness

As AUT celebrates its 20th birthday, it has teamed up with The Enthusiasts to encourage students future and present to find their greatness.

The TVC is a compelling look into the way AUT offers a diverse range of options for those who are unsure, yet know they want to do something great.

Six students speak to camera about their dreams, and how AUT helped them discover what they wanted to do. Luke Patterson, AUT’s chief of marketing says this was a great way to make it more personal.

“Rather than telling people why AUT is a fantastic option – we wanted to tell the story of the people that have benefited from AUT. The AUT alumni is a diverse group of amazing people, succeeding all over the world.”

Martin Yeoman, strategic partner at The Enthusiasts says the interview style series portrayed how most students go into university with only a vague notion they want to do something great.

“Most students enrol at university with only a broad idea of what they want to do. In our interviews we discovered that many exstudents could pin point a moment at AUT – a project, a lecturer, being exposed to a piece of technology, or maybe an internship that triggered in them clarity as to what they really wanted to do with their career – often crystalising or unlocking an already existing passion. For prospective students, and their parents, that’s what they’re looking for, the spark that will find their passion and light up their future direction.”

Jamie Hitchcock, creative partner, says they wanted to connect past students and future students.

“We filmed six AUT graduates, working here and around the world, telling their story in their own words. We started with stories from their childhood before funnelling down to the exact moment of inspiration AUT provided. We brought colour and energy to the story by projecting large scale imagery from their life and work all around them – literally immersing them in their own story.”


Agency: The Enthusiasts

Agency Producer: Fleur Swarbrick

Client: AUT

Luke Patterson: Chief Marketing Officer

Jayne Mayerhofler: Director Marketing and Recruitment

Georgina Hammond: Director Brand Strategy & Capability

Sam Mickell: Director Alumni Relations

Claudia Mischke: Brand Content Manager

Simon Horrocks: Senior Marketing Manager

Kara Searle: Campaign Manager

Production Company: Perceptual Engineering

Director: Armagan Ballantyne

Director / Projection / Online: Jon Baxter

Cinematographer: Maria Ines Manchego

Editor: Peter O’Donoghue

Producer: Lani Feltham

Sound Design: Beatworms – Cam Ballantyne

Stills Photography: Spid Pye

Media: MBM

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