Taking a stand?

While New Zealanders are up in arms about Wicked Campers offensive vans, Z Energy might be the first to rise up and take action.

Wicked Campers have received a lot of press for its vans which are covered in what people consider to be offensive phrases.

Here’s Leanne Webb from Wicked Campers attempting to defend the vans.

Phrases like “Smoking’s cool”, “Life sucks if your girlfriend doesn’t” and “Virginity is Curable” have been painted on the vans, and while some find them entertaining, some Z Energy customers clearly don’t as they have suggested the service station stops allowing the vans to fill up. 

Given Z Energy promotes itself as a community based service station that supports local neighborhoods, a move to stop serving the Wicked Campers appears to fit into its values. However, it says it doesn’t have a firm view.

According to its Facebook page, Z Energy want to “represent what New Zealanders can achieve when they put their minds to the things that matter”, so in the words of Shia LaBeouf it should “just do it”.

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