Hot selfies in the Polish winter

Take a selfie while you check your temperature with the #TherafluThermoscanner.

Saatchi & Saatchi/ Interactive Solutions Poland and Saatchi & Saatchi Switzerland have teamed up with GSK, a research-based pharmaceutical and healthcare company, to fight the flu during Poland’s winter by placing a thermo-scanner camera in Warsaw. The camera measures the users temperature to assess whether or not they have a fever, a symptom of flu, before taking a photo.

A microsite has been developed with the camera for users to download their image and share it on social media. The campaign also suggests users send it to their boss “as an excuse for not going to work” and to their partner to “prove they really are ‘hot'”.

Jason Romeyko, global chief creative officer GSK and Deutsche Telekom said in a release:

“This idea really fits in with GSK’s commitment to transforming their properties into Fast Moving Consumer Health Brands. This outdoor is a wonderful mash-up of technology, health, real-life application and consumer engagement. It fires up a new set of innovative ideas we can bring to life in healthcare and wellness.”

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