Survey: Qrious looks to gauge the mood of marketers

Spark’s data analytics subsidiary Qrious has launched a new survey aimed at looking at the issues marketers are most concerned about.

Qrious general manager of data-powered marketing Simon Conroy says the survey is designed to fill a gap in the local market.     

“We realised that while there were ‘Mood of Marketing’ type surveys available in the US and Europe there wasn’t anything specific to NZ,” says Conroy.

“When we spoke to CMOs we also picked up some common themes yet there wasn’t a good understanding of how advanced or otherwise their companies were.”

Conroy says this survey could play an important role in allowing local marketers to measure their progress against themselves and their peers.

Additionally, local results could also be benchmarked against international findings to compare how New Zealand marketers are faring against their international counterparts.  

“In many areas, New Zealand is slightly behind the adoption curve of some of the emerging fields,” says Conroy.

“If we look at data and analytics this is a growing field in the United States with roughly 20 percent of the marketing budget spent on data and analytics. We suspect that this is lower in New Zealand, and therefore an opportunity for businesses to make better use of the data they have marketers are being asked to lead or be subject matter experts in more and more areas, their role is increasing in importance and at the same time complexity.”

Previously, Conroy told StopPress that part of the challenge in addressing the data issue is that there happens to be so much of it.

Every business has troves of information, but the real challenge lies in extracting the correct information from this mountain of figures.

Marketers often look at the mountain of data and ask what the data can do for them, and this is a mistake. This is akin to going to Google and typing ‘what do I want to know today?’ into the search bar rather than searching for something specific.

A better approach, says Conroy, is to first identify problems within the business and then look for ways to solve them with the data at hand.

“It’s a bit like eating an elephant one bite at a time,” he says.

  • Marketers are invited to take the survey here

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